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With technology advancing, a further need arose for doctors and midwives to refer their patients to a trusted professional institute, where they can get key results that will enable them to manage their patient's pregnancy and make important decisions to ensure the best possible outcome in each case.

Signs and Risks to Multiple Pregnancies


If you’re pregnant with two or more babies, congratulations from 4D Scan! This occurs when two eggs are released and fertilized (fraternal twins) or when one fertilized egg splits (identical twins).

You have a higher chance of multiple pregnancies if you have a maternal family history; you are over the age of 35; you have had fraternal twins before; if you are on hormone therapy or have had In-vitro fertilization (IVF); or if you are of African descent.

Signs of a multiple pregnancy:

·         When you have your blood tested, the HCG levels may be extremely high.

·         You may have exaggerated symptoms (extreme nausea - hyperemesis).

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