Frequently Asked Questions

Difference between 2D scans, 3D scans and 4D scans?

2D Scan is a grayscale image. This is the black and white image you will see when we do most of the diagnostic checks on your baby. 3D Scan is a surface-rendered image. This is the brownish-coloured image you can see of your baby. 4D Scan is a 3D Scan in real-time. You will get a video clip of your baby’s movement.

Is this an internal scan?

All our scans are done trans-abdominaly which means on your tummy. We do have facilities in some of our branches for an internal scan to check specific things but this will have to be arranged. So you can relax in knowing that you only have to bare a bit of your bump and nothing else!

Is ultrasound dangerous for my baby?

Ultrasound has been in use for over 50 years in the medical field. As it is sound waves it can not cause any changes in the tissue, like X-rays and CT Scans can. It is important to know that the person scanning you has the proper qualifications and accreditation. 2D, 3D and 4D scans are all just ultrasound and work exactly the same as when your doctor scans you.

Do I need a full bladder?

You will only need a full bladder for an early scan (before 10 weeks). The full bladder pushes the colon out of the way so that there would be no bowel gas overlying the uterus. By 10 weeks the uterus would be big enough to see the embryo and gestational sac without a full bladder.

From when can you determine the gender of the baby?

It can be quite difficult to determine gender at 12 weeks but it is sometimes possible. The optimal time would be to wait until 14 weeks, at least. After 14 weeks we should be able to see the gender. If the baby is not in a favourable position we can move the baby.

What about my gynae?

Why should you visit our 4D Scan Clinics if you are already visiting your gynaecologist monthly? Our advanced technology allows us to show you clear, descriptive images of your baby that makes it easy to confirm fetal progress and development. Our sonographers have years of experience in interpreting what you see visually to help you understand the complexity of pregnancy. Our appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes, which gives you enough time to really enjoy the process. You can look, ask questions and fall in love with your miracle all over again! Our sessions are designed to be personal and intimate so dad (or grandparents and even friends) can participate easily and bond with the baby.

When is the best time to do a 4D scan?

You can see your baby on 4D Scans for 12 – 36 weeks. Before 24 weeks you can still see the babies whole body. At 18 – 24 weeks we can do a detailed scan to check for structural abnormalities. From 26 – 32 weeks is the optimal time to get good facial feature images and video clips.

How long is a session?

Normally 30 minutes is enough to do a full diagnostic ultrasound as well as 3D Scans and 4D Scans, but if your baby is not cooperating, it might take longer.

Does the scan include a USB and prints?

With each scan, you will receive a USB with images in jpg format and video clips in AVI format as well as printed images.

Do you accept medical aid?

We do not work through the medical aid. We can, however, give you an invoice with our practice numbers and the ICD10 codes. That way you can claim back. Please note that we can not guarantee payment by the medical aid.

Will we see the baby clearly?

The clarity of your 3D Scan and 4D Scan is dependent on a few factors that may vary from person to person. The amount of amniotic fluid, body habitus of the mom, size and position of the baby and placental position.
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